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Cheating kids out of education, surely, but racketeering?

This week began the long-awaited trial of 12 former Atlanta Public Schools employees involved in a years-long cheating scandal. It promises to reveal plenty of damning evidence from students, parents, and other APS employees that supplements the 800-page Investigative Report released in 2011. The most serious charge is federal racketeering under the RICO Act, which carries a penalty of 5-20 years in prison. read more >

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The price of pre-K in 2016 might be higher than you think

As mid-term election season rolls around and presidential hopefuls look ahead to 2016, conservatives are asking the question: what to do about universal pre-K? It’s an important question. Over the past couple of years, a number of red and blue states across the country have joined the pre-K bandwagon, including Republican strongholds like Oklahoma and Georgia. And the trend might continue: last month, the Obama administration announced its new Preschool Grant Program in which states are eligible for a chunk of $250 million to build or expand preschool programs. read more >

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Still waiting for Superman

If there’s one thing that’s important for good schools, it’s good teachers. That’s the central point of Davis Guggenheim’s widely-acclaimed documentary, “Waiting for Superman,” released four years ago today. Yet, as the film vividly depicted, it’s virtually impossible to dismiss poorly performing teachers in many public school systems across the country. Four years later, the issue raised by the film is still one of the most serious problems facing public schools. read more >