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Poll: Trump Bests Palin, But ‘Who Cares?’ Wins Nod

The Republican presidential field is as wide open as the giant expanse you encounter driving through Wyoming on I-80. Or so indicates a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, which shows Donald Trump leading Sarah Palin, Newt, T-Paw, Paul, Pence, Bachmann, and Christie (who has adamantly said he’s not running, to the disdain of many a Republican). Only one candidate has the wholehearted endorsement of Gary Busey. Need I say more?

Half of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s job performance, but he still seems comfortable when it comes to 2012;  40 percent of those who identified themselves as leaning GOP were dissatisfied with the party field and 43 percent liked the cast of players.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney gets the distinction of being the only candidate to hit double-digits (16 percent) when those leaning Republican were asked to name a candidate preference. He also comes the closest (four points) to Obama in a theoretical head-to-head matchup. Among registered voters, Trump got 39 percent to Obama’s 52 percent while Palin had 37 percent to Obama’s 56 percent.

How did the rest score on the candidate preference question?

Donald Trump: 8 percent
Mike Huckabee: 6 percent
Sarah Palin: 5 percent
Ron Paul: 2 percent
Newt Gingrich: 2 percent
Tim Pawlenty: 1 percent
Mitch Daniels: 1 percent
Mike Pence: 1 percent
Michele Bachmann: 1 percent
Haley Barbour: 1 percent
Chris Christie: 1 percent
Rick Santorum *
Jon Huntsman *
Jim DeMint *
Other: 5 percent
No one/None of them: 12 percent
Anyone/Any of them: 4 percent
No opinion: 33 percent
*less than 1 percent

The unenthusiastic “no opinion” wins hands-down. Could this be the GOP version of the Dems’ Kerry year? In the words of  Representative David Dreier (R-California), “Everybody’s looking for a Ronald Reagan, and they don’t see one.”

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