Obama’s Stimulus Now Being ‘Paid For’ by America’s Military

Yesterday, President Obama offered up a budget plan that would cut national security spending by $400 billion over ten years. This comes on top of the $330 billion in cuts made to defense programs in 2009 and some $80 billion in 2010. So, in total, the Obama administration will have, if it has its way, sliced, diced, and chopped more than $800 billion from the Pentagon’s previously planned spending. If this figure sounds familiar, it is. Approximately $800 billion was spent by the administration and a Democrat-controlled Congress in 2009 to stimulate, it was hoped, the economy. Well, it didn’t stimulate anything but more debt—a debt now being “paid for” by the men and women of the American military as they face cut backs in needed equipment, training, and force structure.

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