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I Didn’t Break the Law, I Am the Law!

When it comes to energy (and some would suggest other areas of public policy), the Obama administration has shown a distinctly casual relationship with things like the rule of law, due process, and other such constitutional frivolities. Whether it was blackmailing a giant spill fund out of BP in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, or the continued permitorium on oil drilling and coal mining, the administration’s attitude seems to be that they’ll do what they want, regardless of electoral results, judicial rulings, constitutionality, or what have you.

Thus, in response to a judge’s ruling that the administration’s ongoing permitorium on oil drilling was unnecessary and improper, the administration basically yawned, and said “we don’t agree.” At first, they didn’t even appeal the ruling; they just ignored it. When the judge gave them a deadline for approving or disapproving a group of permits, the administration hand-waved it, saying they would not be pressured. Now, however, The Hill reports that the administration has figured out their answer to the judge: “Oh yeah? Nyah Nyah, we’ll just turn them all down! Not only that, we’ll turn down even more than you wanted us to vote on!”

As Ben Geman explains, “The Interior Department challenged a Louisiana judge’s orders that require decisions on several industry applications later this month, warning that the court’s mandate could force Interior to ‘deny the applications outright’ and divert resources from review of other permit requests.”

As gas creeps toward $4 per gallon, the administration’s war on fossil fuels continues. One can only think that raising energy prices is the goal of the Obama administration, rather than simply an unintended consequence of their policies.

Image by Jurvetson.

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