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In Favor of Groping

I got back from Lebanon and Israel last Friday to the complete insanity of the ongoing hysteria—TSA “junk” groping, pilots twittering, grandmas crying—that Matt Drudge purveys every day. Imagine leaving the Middle East and arriving in America, the land of totally crazy. Really, what are you people out there thinking? Do you think anyone wants to grope you? Ogle naked photos of grandmothers? Strip your crying kid? Is TSA really a secret porn operation with horribly indiscriminate taste? Get some perspective.

Sure, profiling would add value because few terrorists are grandmothers or babies. But terrorists were indeed willing to use their babies to blow up airliners. Sure, most people intent on blowing up planes have been Muslims. But not all of them have profiled as Muslims. This is about keeping us safer, and if it deters the next attack, I am for it.

Here’s one of the better pieces I’ve seen on this whole descent into paranoia. In the meantime, get a grip on yourselves. Or, better still, let TSA do it for you.

Update: I neglected a shout out to my colleague Marc Thiessen, who had some sound thoughts on same here.

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