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The other big news from last night

Attention to the Wisconsin recall election was overwhelming, pushing out what otherwise would be big news: The passage of San Diego’s Proposition B, which limits pension payments for city employees and moves new hires into a “defined contribution” 401(k)-style pension plan. Prop B, which was strongly opposed by public employees unions, nevertheless passed by an almost two-to-one margin in a city with a history of pension funding problems. For the eighth-largest city in the country, not to mention one located in union-heavy California, to enact such an ambitious change will give heart to pension reformers around the country. As Jason Richwine of Heritage and I have shown, generous traditional pension benefits are a main driver of pay differences between public and private sector employees.

Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio, a city council member and prominent Prop B proponent (and, full disclosure, an old friend), can only be happy with last night’s results. On top of Prop B’s passage, DeMaio was the leading vote-getter in the initial round of mayoral balloting; He will face Democratic Rep. Bob Filner in a November run-off.

2 thoughts on “The other big news from last night

  1. For this to be happening in San Diego & more especially San Jose at the doorstep of San Fran. in Calif. may well be a larger harbinger than we dare hope. lt may be as more & more people become aware of the reality of the bagfull of dead cats sold to them as Hope & Change plus other such platitudes ; who knows the results. Are we finally seeing the blinders coming off re: the whole Big Govt. , Media , Education Complex? Will we maybe , possibly start to see an actual erosion of the lefts base? Wisc. govt. unions loss of 40 / 50 % of their members / dues may be a straw in the wind.

  2. The wheel rolling past us on the American freeway belongs to us the American people.
    Things will get worse before they get better, we should be thankful Americans are finally waking up.
    The secular progressives should be alerted, they have done what the Japanese general stated after they bomb Pearl Harbor ” We may have woke a sleeping Tiger”….Yamamoto
    God bless this great country, and our Veterans who gave so much and continue to defend that right God gave to us.

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