Foreign and Defense Policy

Best of the foreign policy blogs (May 5 to May 11)

Here is the best of what AEI’s foreign and defense policy scholars are reading this week:

Robert D. Kaplan at Stratfor Global Intelligence on NATO’s worrisome impotence in NATO’s Ordinary Future.

Yochi J. Dreazen at National Journal on improving Saudi-US antiterror cooperation in Foiled Bomb Plot Highlights Growing CIA-Saudi Arabian Ties.

Stephen Walt at The Browser gives readers Five Reasons to Care About the Middle East.

Walter Russell Mead at Via Meadia on the war on terror despite semantics in A Victory in the Non-War War.

Mollie Hemmingway at Ricochet on the punishment suffered by relatives of China’s blind activist in The Price Dissidents Pay.

The Editorial Board at The Washington Post’s View blog on diplomacy’s failure in Syria and the dangerous potential for deterioration in A Shameful Impasse on Syria.

John Hudson at The Atlantic Wire on the possibility that the Assad regime ordered a strike on its own building in Did Syria Destroy Its Own Intelligence Agency.

Barbara Starr and Adam Levine at CNN’s Security Clearance Blog on the stalled prisoner release negotiations in POW Parents Reveal Secret Talks with Taliban.

Josh Rogin at Foreign Policy’s The Cable on the frightening possibility that the Iraqi government will release captured terrorists in The Cable in Administration Struggling to Prevent Release of Hezbollah Commander in Iraq.

Alan Silverleib at CNN’s Political Ticker on the certain-to-be-vetoed House bill replacing defense cuts with domestic tax cuts in House Passes Bill Undoing Defense Cuts

Barbara Starr at CNN’s Security Clearance Blog on the AQAP’s mounting threat to the US mainland in Al Qaeda in Yemen has “whole outfit” devoted to attacking U.S.

Max Boot at Commentary Magazine on the likely political battle and looming threat to defense spending in GOP Seeks to Avert Defense Cuts.

Robert Beckhusen at’s Danger Room on the positives and negatives of the US’s newest missile defense technology in Pentagon’s Newest Ballistic Missile-Blaster Shoots Down Its Target.

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