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When Romney saved a dog’s life

Obama supporters have tried to make an issue of Mitt Romney’s 1983 family vacation, during which he tied his terrified dog’s cage to the roof of the family car. The Romney campaign blunted the attack by seizing on a line in Obama’s memoir about eating dog meat as a child in Indonesia.

But Romney’s campaign can do much better. In a 2003 episode that the Romney campaign never brings up for some reason, the governor and his sons actually saved the life of a Scottish Terrier, McKenzie, and six members of his owner’s family.

From the Boston Herald:

The rescuing Romneys also managed to snatch the family dog, McKenzie, from a watery grave — grabbing the Scottish terrier first because it was the only passenger without a lifejacket.

“It looked like it wasn’t going to last much longer,” said Josh, who held the waterlogged pooch on the ride back to shore.

With Josh and Craig hovering nearby, the three men treaded water until the governor returned and made two more trips to ferry them back.

The two campaigns can continue taking cheap shots at each other. But the Obama folks should keep in mind that stirring up the waters of Romney’s past too much might bring more tales of his character to the surface. Best, after all, to let sleeping dogs lie.

13 thoughts on “When Romney saved a dog’s life

  1. Romney really has to have some surrogates getting some of these stories out there. It would certainly help offset the attacks that are coming from Axelrod and Co., and would make a useful contract to certain other Mass. Democratic politicians and their actions on the water.

  2. I honestly think that is what Mitt is doing. A slow build up of feel good stories like this will be effective over the long haul. No need to do a document dump on a friday night for Mitt.

    Maybe he is the white horse. :P

  3. stirring up the waters of Romney’s past too much might bring more tales of his character to the surface

    You mean like going on missions and helping people all over the world? Running a carload of business and creating jobs? Stupid shit like that? Geez, what a terrible man.

  4. I would like the real facts of the dog carrier incident. I would like Romney less if what is said is totally true. It was a inhumane and shabby act if it happened as being told. Romney should explain it once and for all….let’s ask the kids, they would probably have a hard time lying. Other than that Romney seems like a good guy so it does not fit the overall pattern but if its true, then thats why no defense. I love most dogs more than most people and we treat a lot of them with utter disregard and cruelty. Shame on us as a society.

  5. A Scottish terrier…that is certainly a good sign! Scotties are known as “die hards” and don’t give in easily.

  6. The guy saved multiple human and animal lives in this episode and found a missing child in Manhattan. Why isn’t the campaign ringing this bell (through third parties of course) all day long? It plays into the competence theme quite well while also humanizing him tremendously.

  7. Why do you believe the dog was “terrified” rather than a victim of a one-day G. I. upset from eating turkey off the counter, as Ann Romney stated?

  8. My favorite part of this story is the part before you quoted:

    The drama began at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday, as Romney and his family were relaxing at their lakeside summer home in Wolfeboro, N.H.

    Gubernatorial son Josh Romney told the Herald yesterday that he and brother Craig were cleaning the beach while their father puttered in the garage when the quiet night air was pierced with screams.

    “We heard a whole bunch of screaming,” said Josh Romney, who immediately hopped onto his Jet Ski. “We tore out of there and my dad hopped on the other Jet Ski and came out right after us.”

    The Romneys were spending a quiet evening at home. Josh and Craig were out cleaning the beach and Governor Mitt was puttering around in the garage

    And when they heard a family in distress, they did not call 911, but rather they sprang into action…

    Re-write that scene in your mind, only substitute the Obama family for the Romneys. How many things would be different?

  9. Judith,
    I like dogs a lot. But if you love dogs more than people you probably should not vote for Romney, or any Republican. But you should get help.

  10. When I heard the governor talk about this last year he said the family always carried the dog in this carrier and the dog would go up over the back of the car to get in the carrier when he knew they were going for a ride. He only got sick the one time. Romney had a special windshield built so the wind would not slam the carrier or the dog. I have never heard anything to indicate that he did not love the dog or take good care of it.

  11. Great story, no surprise about the Romneys being good samaritans and take note of where they spend their family vacations.

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