Foreign and Defense Policy

Best of the Foreign Policy Blogs (April 7 to 13)

Here is the best of what AEI’s foreign and defense policy scholars are reading this week:

Radwan Ziadeh at asks Why Did Anyone Believe Bashar Al-Assad’s Promises Of A Ceasefire To Begin With?

Les Gelb at warms that War Looms for Obama in Iran, Syria, and North Korea

John Hudson at reports on The Staggering Costs of North Korea’s Rocket Launch

Adam Martin at tells what happened when a North Korean press bus took a wrong turn into a part of Pyongyang usually shielded from reporters in What North Korea Really Looks Like

Adam Harmon at argues that an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities is inevitable in Why Israel Will Attack Iran

Mark Stokes & Russell Hsiao at on Why U.S. Military Needs Taiwan

Josh Rogin at on the Afghan Defense minister’s plea:  Don’t release the Taliban from Gitmo just yet

Tlaloc Cutroneo, an embedded counterinsurgency adviser to Afghan security forces, reports from the field at’s Security Clearance blog on Reasons to be cheerful about Afghanistan

Uri Friedman at reports on Latin Leaders Behaving Badly

Jamie Weinstein at writes that Demographic trends are poised to spoil Beijing’s plans for a Chinese century

Kathleen Foster at asks Are Failing US Schools a National Security Threat?

Finally, Dave Stopera at has video of Why You Should Never Text And Walk At The Same Time


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