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Highlights from Alabama and Mississippi exit polls

*In both these southern states, Santorum showed strength among conservative voters and especially very conservative voters. He won the votes of white born-again and evangelical voters and those who said their religious beliefs mattered a great deal. He won rural voters. These groups have been a source of strength for Santorum in other states.

*In Mississippi, Santorum and Gingrich split the votes of Tea Party supporters. In Alabama, Santorum beat Gingrich by 2 percentage points among this group, 36 to 34 percent. Throughout this year’s primaries and caucuses, Tea Party supporters have consistently backed the winning candidate.

*As he has in most other states, Romney won the votes of those who selected “can defeat Obama” as the most important candidate quality in Alabama and Mississippi. Santorum won the votes of those who chose “true conservative” and “has a strong moral character.” In both states, people who checked “has the right experience” voted for Gingrich.

*42 percent of voters in Mississippi said they were angry about how government is working, one of the highest percentages we have seen on this question.

*67 percent of Mississippians said they would be satisfied if Santorum won the nomination. Fifty-seven percent felt that way about Romney.

*81 percent in Alabama said they would definitely vote for the party’s nominee in November and another 10 percent said they would probably do so.

*In Alabama, Santorum won the votes of married women, while the results for unmarried women were too small to report. In Mississippi, Santorum won married women and Romney won unmarried women.

*In both states, the candidates won the same education groups. Gingrich won those who had never attended college, Santorum won voters who had some college education and college graduates, and Romney won postgraduates.

*In both Alabama and Mississippi, 50 percent of voters said campaign ads were important to their vote. These voters narrowly preferred Santorum over Romney, despite the large sums Romney spent on ads.

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