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How’s that green job creation working?

In today’s Examiner, Paul Taylor points out that President Obama’s “green jobs” plan isn’t working out quite the way they expected:

U.S. House of Representatives investigations have revealed the failed green jobs initiative in President Obama’s ambitious environmental agenda. With an initial government cost of one-half billion dollars, evidence proves that only about 10% of sponsored trainees were placed in green jobs.

As part of the Obama green energy program, the goal was to train 124,893 people, and place 79,854 (64%) in new green jobs. After 17 months, the results of the green jobs program indicate that only 52,762 were trained, and only 8,035 got green jobs – each job costs tax payers about $62,000.

Being interested in green jobs, I decided to dig into the data behind Taylor’s article. What I found is a veritable study in the difference between expectations and achievements:

Source: Employment and Training Administration

While I’ve written at length about the whole green-jobs debacle, this picture certainly paints more than a thousand words.

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