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Was Perry wrong on Turkey?

Governor Rick Perry is catching flack for calling Turkey’s leadership “Islamic terrorists.” While I would not go so far as Governor Perry, had he simply called Prime Minister Erdoğan an enabler for Islamic terrorists, he would be 100 percent correct.

I’ve previous charted Turkey’s path from ally to adversary. But here are a couple factoids which Perry might know, but many journalists and analysts may not:

Prime Minister Erdoğan endorsed an Al Qaeda financier.

Turkey also helped supply Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Erdoğan had repeatedly embraced Hamas and acted to supply it.

Under Erdoğan’s watch, the murder rate of women in Turkey has increased 1,400 percent.

Under Turkey’s Islamist government, press freedom has plummeted.

Governor Perry may not have broad foreign policy expertise, but sometimes it’s useful to call a toad a toad, or at least a supporter of toads.

11 thoughts on “Was Perry wrong on Turkey?

  1. - In what sense has Erdogan “embraced” Hamas? By having a few good words for them in the wake of Israel’s murder on 9 Turkish citizens?

    - This same Erdogan condemns violence against women in pretty strong terms in the very article you cite. All violence against women is deplorable, but one wonders if that 1400% statistic isn’t slightly inflated.

    - The Jerusalem Post article on Turkey helping Al Qaeda is quite dodgy, and proves very little. Also, the same article accuses the U.S. of helping the Kurdish terrorist organization the PKK, which is also a pretty shaky charge.

    - The AKP’s attitude towards press freedom has been pretty worrying, but Turkey can’t be compared to Putin’s Russia. There’s more press freedom in Turkey than in Russia. Needless to say, there’s more freedom of every kind in Turkey than in every other Muslim country.

  2. Governor Perry is much more brilliant than he gets credit for…He knows more than any others running and dang sight more than obama! Even Gingrich has admitted Governor Perry has taught him more about the Constitution than he knew.

  3. Dear rubin,
    It is impossible to join commends since it contradicts with the facts.
    Mr. Erdogan never endorsed al qaida financier.
    Turkey never helped al qaida in iraq on contary i al qaida made terrorist attacks in turkey, and turkey struggles with al qaida not only in turkey in all over the world by cooperating with usa. You can easily get this information from us state department
    Erdogan only embraced legaly elected governmemt of palestine & tried to consolidate a peace between elected goverment of palestine & israel
    The murder rate of women has not been increased 1400 percent. It is not related with erdogan goverment . It is related with massive immigration from rural areas to cities with causes poverty & vilance
    Press freedom is same as before( not good as european standart , similar to american standarts). some of the journalist who deeply connected with ex junta establishment which tries to make new coupe against elected goverment of turkey is arrested.

  4. Hum! If “1400% statistic isn’t slightly inflated”, then we should we consider “only” 1000% or 1200%.
    Also, if this is caused by “poverty & violence”, why there is not a general increase of murders (not gender-related)? It is understandable that women are more exposed from physical reason, but really that much?
    Isn’t this an expression of a dramatic increase in (toleration of) “honour murders”, and this, at its turn, an increase in “something else”?

  5. In the last 110 years Turkey has never been a reliable, or even a minimally dependable ally of the US. In WWI it stayed “neutral” but it helped the Germans with raw materials, etc. Same and more with the Nazis in WWII. During the Cold War it played a sinister game of double dealing with the US and the USSR. During the two last Gulf Wars it impeded the efforts of the West by not allowing US convoy passage through Turkey and, shamelessly, asking for enormous extortional payments to do so.
    It perpetrated some of the most heinous genocide crimes against millions of Armenians, Greeks, Assyrian, Jews and others. In modern times it exterminated thousands of Turkish-Kurd citizens and it committed untold crimes, rapes and violations on Cyprus. It has no freedom of speech, press, or religion, yet it has the impudence to want to join the European Union. It has done little to deter violent crimes against women. It has supported a number of Islamic terrorist causes while accepting massive US aid! Turkey constantly harasses our true loyal allies in the region. Let’s start by stopping all aid to Turkey now! The US and the West do not need such an “ally!” Unless Turkey reforms completely and immediately, the US should dump Turkey. Not doing so now puts its own interest in peril.
    All US candidates for President should be asked to clarify their positions on Turkey!

    • Bravo,……you nailed it. I agree with everything that you wrote,…….especially the part about the candidates having to clarify their positions on Turkey!!!

  6. I am pleased that this was written . I have written two letters to President Barack Hussein Obama. I was advised to “watch for the progress” regarding protecting Greek rights and the ongoing hostilities directed at the Greeks in Cyprus. The article should be publicized widely, especially to Greek Americans who support Obama so they can fully understand the policies and actions of the Turkish government.

  7. Turkey is a country which has, in one way or another, expelled christians from their territories . As an example I will remind that at the islands of Imbros and Tenedos years ago had ordered the closure of all the non Turkish language schools. The Greek population who were living there for many years and had children, had to move out f the islands to have their children study their mother language. The same measures were taken in the mainland and especially in Constantinople. They dream of the Automan Empire of the past. What historically, did the Turks, offer to the European culture and to the World? They do not deserve to become a member of the European family.

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