Must reads for Jan. 26, 2012

Give ‘em a look:

Another green-tech stimulus recipient files for bankruptcy | Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

Looks like a top Romney economist opposes the 15 percent tax rate for carried interest | Jed Graham, IBD

Growing connectivity may boost Chinese consumption | Steven Roach, Project Syndicate

One reason bill for TARP is falling: Homeowner program isn’t working | Suzy Khimm, WonkBlog

Does Buffett not understand how corporate taxes work? | John Steele Gordon, Contentions

In theory, government should reduce mortgage principal | Tyler Cowen, NY Times

The case for climate alarmism continues to collapse | Steve Hayward, Power Line

How Wyden–Ryan harnesses market forces to control costs | Joe Antos, AEI

Chart of the Day: The United States, South Korea, and Australia are deleveraging. Everyone else, not so much. | McKinsey Global Institute


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