Foreign and Defense Policy

Best of the foreign policy blogs (Jan. 14-20)

Here is the best of what AEI’s foreign and defense policy scholars are reading this week:


• Spencer Ackerman at’s Danger Room blog breaks the news of a New U.S. commando team operating near Iran.

• Barbara Starr at’s Security Clearance blog reports that the U.S. is back to two carriers near Iran (see a pattern here?).

• Jonathan Tobin at’s Contentions blog asks Can Obama get away with Iran inaction?’s Security Clearance blog reports on a speech by former CIA director John McLaughlin detailing how al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is carrying on after the death of Anwar al-Awlaki.

• Tom Joscelyn at marks the 10th anniversary of Guantanamo with this report on an Ex-Gitmo detainee sentenced to 3 years in prison by an Algerian court for returning to the fight.

• Jackson Diehl at the’s PostPartisan blog asks Why talk to the Taliban?.

• Ben Smith at reports on A subtle but important shift in Mitt Romney’s foreign policy.

• Robert Kagan in on The myth of American decline.

• Scott Johnson at on Who will fact-check the fact-checkers.

• Josh Rogin at reports that Obama names his world leader BFFs!

• Noah Shachtman at’s Danger Room reports that the Air Force’s top brain wants a ‘social radar’ to ‘see into hearts and minds’.

• Jamie Crawford at’s Security Clearance blog reports on Diplomacy’s next frontier: space.

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