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Best of the foreign policy blogs

At, we offer up the best of what AEI scholars are writing. Now, here is the best of what AEI scholars are reading. Today, we launch a new feature at the Enterprise Blog highlighting some of the most interesting foreign policy blogs and columns we come across each week. Here are the best of the first week of 2012 (with a few from the final days of 2011):

Max Boot in Commentary’s Contentions blog on the disastrous Obama defense strategy; Boot argues that the Upcoming Election Will Determine America’s Standing as a Superpower

John Hudson at the AtlanticWire highlights The Military’s Wish List for Non-Lethal Weapons

Matthew Kaminski says at the WSJ’s that Arab Democracy Is the Best Bet for a Muslim Reformation

Sarah Kabar at the Feb. 17th blog offers the first two parts of a riveting story about terror in Tripoli during the last days of Qaddafi:

Hide the flags. Call your uncle. They took me.

A Lady Incarcerated

John Hinderaker at the Powerline blog hits the Obamiacs engagement with the Taliban in Obama’s surrender on Afghanistan continues apace

Tom Joscelyn and Bill Roggio at Long War Journal offer an excellent and disturbing account about the revival of Ansar al-Islam in Iraq, with Iranian support: Ansar al Islam names new leader

Ted Bromund in makes the case against “cultural” exchange visits to Havana in Blue (State) Travel to Cuba

Elliott Abrams at’s Pressure Points blog on What to Do About Egypt gives an account of how Money laundering is rampant in Iraq Kurdistan

Greg Pollowitz at National Review explains how Australian sharks are battling global climate change with taboo inter-species sex

Spencer Ackerman at’s Danger Room reports that the White House Denies the CIA Teleported Obama to Mars

Uri Friedman at offers up the Top Ten Kim Jong Il Parodies


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