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What you may have missed in the polls: Newt’s negatives, the 1 percent, and more

Newt’s Negatives: In all recent national polls that ask people whether they have a favorable or unfavorable view of Newt Gingrich, the responses are more negative than positive. In Pew’s November poll, 31 percent had a favorable opinion, and 48 percent an unfavorable one. In the ABC/Washington Post poll, 35 percent had a favorable impression and 42 percent an unfavorable one. In the latest mid-November CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, the responses were 36 percent favorable, 39 percent unfavorable.

In these three polls, Newt’s negatives were highest in the spring of 1997 when around six in ten had negative views. In multiple iterations of these questions, no more than 43 percent have ever had a favorable opinion of Newt.

Election at Tiffany’s: In this week’s News Interest Index from Pew, 20 percent could identify Newt Gingrich as the candidate that had an extensive line of credit at the Tiffany’s jewelry store. Seventy-four percent said they did not know.

Time well spent?: In the latest Fox News poll, respondents were asked whether they would prefer to spend every day of the next year with Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney. Thirty-six percent said Romney, 32 percent Gingrich. Twenty-four percent had the presence of mind to say neither.

Phony Bologna: Also in the Fox News poll, respondents were given a list of characteristics and asked if they described Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Forty percent said “phony” described Gingrich. Thirty-six percent said the same about Romney. The largest difference between the two candidates? Sixty-two percent said “caring” described Romney while 44 percent said the same about Gingrich, an 18-point difference.

The 1 percent: Gallup recently examined the partisan and ideological leanings of the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans, analyzing poll results collected between 2009 and 2011. Gallup aggregated the results from 61 surveys that yielded a sample of 397 individuals with household incomes of $500,000 per year or more. They found that 57 percent identified or leaned towards the Republican Party and 36 percent towards the Democratic Party. Their ideological leanings were similar to the population as a whole. Forty-one percent described themselves as moderate, 39 percent as conservative, and 20 percent as liberal.

4 thoughts on “What you may have missed in the polls: Newt’s negatives, the 1 percent, and more

  1. Polls are only as good as the questions.

    Would you never like to take a negative poll?

    Do you think Katrina was good? Look at all the things that are being rebuilt.

    Spending more money is the solution to avoiding bankruptcy. Should you do it?

    The media is to be trusted, so there’s no reason to doubt sexual allegations against a Democrat. Do you agree?

  2. The Romney/Gingrich debate is moot. They are both members of the CFR that tells me enough. The only member not in that group is Ron Paul. Funny how most every candidate is rubbing elbows with Rockefeller/Rothschild group but him. Sooner or later Americans will realize they’ve been had and will do something to stop these people. I pray.

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