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RydenCare: Everything you need to know about the new Wyden-Ryan Medicare reform plan

Yes, I am going with the portmanteau of “Ryden”  – combining the last names of Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Ron Wyden — because “Wyan” seems  kinda’ lame and sounds like “whine” when you say it. So RydenCare it is. My thoughts on the plan in a bit. (Sneak preview: I am very excited) But first here are some resources:

The 13-page proposal from Ryan and Wyden

– Ryan and Wyden op-ed in the WSJ

– The WSJ editorial on RydenCare

– Thoughts on the plan from Yuval Levin

– Thoughts on the plan from Reihan Salam

– A chart from Ryan and the Bipartisan Policy Center on why reform is imperative:



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