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7 eye-popping charts that show what a terrible mess Medicare is

One of the most penetrating analyses of the state of America’s finances is USA Inc. by technology analyst Mary Meeker. It’s an amazing, chart-tastic presentation. The stuff on Medicare is particularly good:

1. If you don’t deal with Medicare and other entitlements, the rest doesn’t much matter.

2. Where’s all the money going? Right to healthcare.


3. Did I mention the need to cut entitlement spending?

4. Costs have exploded as payments and patients have increased.

5. We also spend a lot compared to other countries.

6. And our return on investment isn’t so good.

7. Will Obamacare save money?  The history of Medicare shows there is great reason to doubt it will. 

Here is your Medicare bottom line:


5 thoughts on “7 eye-popping charts that show what a terrible mess Medicare is

  1. Individuals should be encouraged to save more for this expense but with the Fed stealing all savings it make the process pretty worthless….correct the Fed and monetary policy and then start changing the system along with human perception and behavior.

  2. What did you expect?
    People are going to die for the Queen and Ted Turner?
    You think there is any loyalty to the pigs that used them?

  3. Pretty typical crap. Charts that are manipulating data with false conclusions everywhere along with a “let’s blame the poor” as if the insurance companies aren’t getting well compensated for the transfer payments and a overwhelming majority of people actually want invasive medicine because it’s free.

    Social Security should never be painted as a entitlement. It is still in the black by 2.6 trillion. The problem is, govt has spent all of it. So on a cash basis, Social Security is running a cash deficit which forces the govt to make payments against the debt owed to Social Security.

    Blame the Pols and the for-profit health care system all you want but save the “look how the poor are soaking us BS” for someone incredibly stupid or naive. Psst, the Health Care industry is a for-profit venture that short-term, rewards all top level participants. If you want to lay blame, then at least blame it on the real causal factors, namely greed.

  4. Why did I laugh when I saw this chart. Because I am an expat, living in one of the most expensive countries in the world, with medical services better than in the USA and paying less than $200/month for better coverage than Medicare Parts A, B and C combined. Medicare A+B+C would cost me in excess of $500/month not including copays.

    The USA has the best government money can buy. The above is an excellent example of why its citizens need a major league sanity adjustment.

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