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Top five shocking discoveries about Iran

1.    Iran is “on the threshold of nuclear capability,” and “has mastered the critical steps needed to build a nuclear weapon,” getting there with help from Russians, Pakistanis, and North Koreans, the IAEA will report this week. This, despite the fact that U.S. officials have repeatedly insisted that Iran’s program has been harmed and delayed by sanctions.

2.    Ahmadinejad still wants to destroy Israel and keeps saying so, though by golly, some insist he never said Israel “should be wiped off the map.”

3.    Iran believes the United States is a paper tiger. And why wouldn’t it? After threatening to sanction the Iranian central bank in the wake of the plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, the Obama White House has decided, nah, it won’t bother.

4.    Iran loves Obama’s decision to draw down from Iraq as a “golden victory.” We couldn’t agree more.

5.    The Iranian regime didn’t just really hate George W. Bush. They didn’t really want to negotiate. They really just wanted a nuclear weapon. And they’ll get it, sooner rather than later.

5 thoughts on “Top five shocking discoveries about Iran

  1. I can still remember George W Bush saying “never” would he allow the Iranians to have nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, he never even slowed them down. It looks like Israel is now on the hook, they really have no choice.

  2. US being lone super world power is on one hand opposing Iran while on the other it has always supported the corrupt rulers of Pakistan be they military or vote dictators. US has also not provided help to save around 9 million flood affected people of Sindh. It gives assistance financial or other to corrupt rulers who spend same on their luxuries. Life of 3 million children with same number of pregnant women in 8 districts of Sindh including Badin, the worst affected, is at stake. I make appeal to USA to give food, tents, medicines direct to flood affected people who have still not returned to their ravaged villages because of flood water still standing. Workers of civil society, journalists, and social workers ( not those of corrupt NGOs) are available in every district. Pl rush at least medicines to save dying children of Sindh.

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