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The Gingrich Bubble continues to expand

Two stunning new polls (via TPM) that have Newt Gingrich smashing Mitt Romney in Florida:

The numbers from Public Policy Polling (D): Gingrich 47%, Romney 17%, Herman Cain 15%, Ron Paul 5%, Michele Bachmann 4%, Jon Huntsman 3%, Rick Perry 2%, Rick Santorum 1%, and Gary Johnson 0%. In the previous PPP survey of Florida Republicans, from all the way back in late September, Romney led with 30%, followed by Perry at 25%, with Newt in third at 10%, Paul at 8%, Cain at 7%, Bachmann at 6%, Huntsman at 3%, Santorum at 2%, and Johnson at 1%.

And from InsiderAdvantage (R): Gingrich 41%, Romney 17%, Cain 13%, Perry 7%, Paul 4%, Bachmann 3%, and Santorum 0.5%. (Huntsman and Johnson were not listed.) In the previous InsiderAdvantage poll from mid-October, Romney led with 33%, followed by Cain at 30%, Gingrich at 12%, Perry at 3%, Paul at 3%, Bachmann at 2%, and Huntsman at 0.2%.

And I would assume Gingrich has more upside given that polls show he would get the plurality of Herman Cain’s support should Cain drop out of the GOP race. The RCP poll tracking show just how parabolic Newt’s polls have gone:

What could go right for Gingrich going forward? GOP voters fully embrace him as a transformational candidate ready to lead another Republican Revolution. What could go wrong? Voters suddenly realize their new frontrunner is a lobbyist not substantially more conservative than Romney and begin to fear his lack of executive experience and discipline would make a hash of the general. Let me add this: As any standup comedian can tell you, winning over the audience is more than half the battle. Then they start rooting for you and you can do no wrong. They want to like you. And GOP voters just love how Newt bashes the media and enjoys  putting the shiv to Obama.

4 thoughts on “The Gingrich Bubble continues to expand

  1. Ron Paul at 5%? He is the only one anyone is talking about!

    I get how the media works now. They publish rigged statistics. Get a journalist to write an article about them. Convince everyone that this is how things are going. Then everyone falls into line.

    Well not anymore! Vote Ron Paul for Freedom!

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