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How to rebrand Greece like Apple

Great post from the Inside Greece blog focusing on brand strategist Peter Economides, part of Apple’s “Think Different” campaign in 1997. He wants to rejuvenate Brand Greece just like he did with Brand Apple.

At that point, the computer manufacturer was on the wane – the public and the media had lost interest and the firm’s finances were in a mess. The campaign, featuring iconic 20th-century figures such as Maria Callas and Muhammad Ali, transformed Apple’s image and set it on the way to becoming one of the world’s largest companies today.

Economides believes that Greece is at the point where an inspired and properly managed rebranding campaign could turn it into the “Apple of the Mediterranean.” … The brand strategist, however, stresses that the attempt to rebrand Greece must be about much more than just selling it as a tourist destination. “There are two stages in this: involving the people in the development of the brand and then disseminating the brand so it becomes a behavioral or image guide for people to use generally,” says Economides.

“It’s not to sell tourism. It’s to guide the actions of society. It’s about changing the way people think and feel. Although the way out of crisis is economic, if you don’t feel good, you’re not going to do good things. I read the other week that half an hour of worry is more tiring than a week’s work. This is a very worried nation and we need to get the worry out of the way. When you have vision, you can do amazing things.”

He put together a 100-slide PowerPoint presentation on the topic. Here are some of my favorite ones:



This next chart is a traffic comparison of Google searches on key, Greece-related words


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