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Re: Justice for Qadhafi

Dany has a great post of Gadhafi’s reported demise. One of the reasons Gadhafi gave up his WMD programs after the liberation of Iraq was that he did not want to end up like Saddam. So this line from the Reuters report on Gadhafi’s capture/death is particularly ironic:

An anti-Gadhafi fighter said Gadhafi had been found hiding in a hole in the ground.

No word on whether it was a “spider hole.”

2 thoughts on “Re: Justice for Qadhafi

  1. What astonishes me is the number of idiots who now are concerned that maybe his death happened sometime between capture & arrival at HQ. I do not by any means condone summary execution of helpless prisoners, but in this case I fail to see why people should spend time & worry on the issue.

  2. One other point. The anti-Qadafi forces are not a real “army.” They are highly emotional rabble that are only marginally more powerful than their opponents. Discipline is not their forte. Now that they have prevailed, expect more of the same.

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