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Justice for Qadhafi (Update)

Justice is sweet. If it is true that Muammar Qadhafi has indeed been captured or even killed, as is being claimed, this is an auspicious moment. First, it is the Libyan people who have liberated themselves. Second, they did so with support from countries who shared their moral cause. Third, Libya appears prepared for a genuine transition (unlike some, ahem, Egypt).

If Qadhafi has indeed been captured and is still alive, we then turn to questions about how justice will be served. Many in Europe (and naturally at the United Nations) will demand that he be rendered to the International Criminal Court. Other self-appointed arbiters of justice will demand Qadhafi be spared the threat of the death penalty. But the choice should belong to the long suffering Libyan people alone.

Finally, on this day, let’s remember the families and victims of the Qadhafi-sponsored attack on Pan Am 103.

Next for the dock: Bashar el Assad.

UPDATE:  It is now being reported that Qadhafi may have been killed, which renders moot the question of whether and how he would be tried. More soon.

2 thoughts on “Justice for Qadhafi (Update)

  1. AEI can never get enough war, can they?

    By the way Ms. Pletka, you misspelled his name. It’s al-Assad. And I’m rooting for him to triumph. Otherwise the Christian communities in Syria will suffer the same fate as Iraq. I know you probably want that to happen, but I don’t.

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