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Why Is Obama Giving Predators to Turkey?

If leading from behind is the first rule of the Obama doctrine, then its second defining feature is the disconnect between an adversary’s behavior and its reward. Over the last year, Turkey has sided with Iran on the nuclear issue, held secret air force war games with China without first informing the Pentagon or NATO, threatened to initiate military action against Israel and Cyprus, and made anti-American rhetoric a staple of the Turkish ruling party’s proxy press.

So what is Obama to do? Not only does the White House remain intent on selling Turkey the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, replete with stealth technology which Turkey could leak to its friends and our adversaries, but now, according to Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the White House has approved provision of predators to Turkey. According to a report in the Turkish press:

“We will definitely resolve this problem and definitely make the Anka [Turkey’s own unmanned aerial vehicle prototype] operable,” one procurement official said. “In the future, the Anka definitely will become the most useful asset in fighting terrorism….” As success has been delayed in the Anka program, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced last week in New York, after a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama on the sidelines of a U.N. gathering, that Washington would provide Turkey with advanced Predator drones. Turkey first asked for both unarmed and armed versions of the Predator nearly three years ago.

So not only is Obama intent on providing classified technology to a country which threatens the use of force against American allies, but it also will provide Turkey with American technology that the Turkish government also wants to produce for its own commercial purposes. What could possibly go wrong here? What next for Obama? Sharing warhead designs with the Iranians?

24 thoughts on “Why Is Obama Giving Predators to Turkey?

  1. You are so off the mark, Michael, that I was convinced you were just another person who had the nasty habit of talking on things they know little about.

    So, I was apalled to see your credentials.

    Turkey is a country that threatens to use force on American allies? You cant possibly be referring to escorting its ships in international waters, to prevent another murder of its citizens by Israel, can you?

    “Stealth technology which Turkey could leak to its friends and our adversaries”?

    I am beyond disappointed that such comments are coming from a Yale alumni and someone who appears to have been in the region. This is the sort of comment you would get in a Turkish coffeeshop, by retired elders speculating about things they know little about.

    But then, all this began to make sense when I saw you referring to the regions you have been to as “Kurdistan” and have held conferences on subject in U.S.

    Perhaps that might explain why you are so furious against the Preadtor drones, which will be used against the Kurdish PKK. I should remind you that PKK is a terrorist organization as recognized by US and Europe, never mind Turkey..

    If you bear that in mind in your “articles”, your standpoint will blur the facts less, and you will make more sense going forward.


    • We should never give such high technology to countrys like turkey. They lie like the palistians, hammas, abbas……. iran ect… Turkey can’t get their act strait. Cut all the crap/talk… They dont need drones and if they get them they will use them aginst Isreal. FORGET the drones to turkey….. Dumb idea. Not just my opinion. DUMB !

  2. But there is another less told story to tell as well. Turkey has been doing plenty to curry favour with Washington of late.

    It has signed up to host a Nato radar base intended to counter Iranian missiles, a step that could well outstrip the importance of the sabre-rattling with Israel.

    It was not a move Washington was certain Ankara would make, not least because Mr Erdogan has sought to cultivate relations with the Islamic Republic. But now Turkey has done what the US wants and Tehran is furious.

    Similarly, Mr Erdogan has shifted stance on Syria in the past week, declaring his willingness to impose sanctions on the regime of Bashar al-Assad. That also came as music to Washington’s ears.

    So too did his call for a Turkish-style secular system of government in Egypt, which drew criticism from the Muslim Brotherhood.

    So Rubin its easy to demonize (order of Israeli hasbara?) a nation that has been a ally of us for the past 50 years. Also Turkey isnt just another client state of the US like Micornesia or Jordan. Its a nation whose roots go 700 years back to the founding of the Ottoman Empire. So give some respect.

  3. If israel is such a great ally, why doesn’t it listen to us when its about building illegal settlements in the West Bank?
    If israel is such a great ally, why doesn’t it send some ships to fight piracy near the Somalia coast?
    If israel is such a great ally, why does it spy on us? (Jonathan Pollard, Aipac-defense spying)
    If israel is such a great ally, why did it attack a US ship and killed US navy personnel (USS Liberty)
    If israel is such a great ally, why did it murder US citizens? (Rachel Corrie, Furkan Dogan)
    If israel is such a great ally, why doesn’t it send soldiers to Afghanistan (like Turkey) and Iraq to help our boys and girls there?

    the list goes on…

    • First of all, pull your head out of your a!$%#$$@! wake up and get real. Isreal builds homes on THEIR land where THEY want to. Who are we or anyone else to tell them where they can build or not build. The U.S. and Isreal are best friends and allies and allways will be. That is for shure. We need to get rid of this dumb ass, hammas lovin f#$%#n obama.
      Sometimes Isreal is asked by the U.S. not to help police the area because the childish arabs and palistians would start whining…. No more land for peace lies. The Palistians are fu@#$#n liers and will just keep firing rockets…. Those dumb asses…. You dont support those idiots do you? Ahhhhhh I see….. get a brain….

      • Wait when was Gaza Israeli land? you guys completely took Palestine away from Palestinians now you guys claim Gaza from them? Of course Palestinians will fire rockets at Israel. since you guys build walls around a city and control who and what goes in and out. and you guys expect countries around you to have respect Israel?

        You didn’t even answer Baruch’s question.
        Forget the US what did Israel contribute to the world? Real Americans don’t even like Israel either its just fake as politicians that get the $$$ who support and keep their mouth shut when Israel commits war crimes.

      • Many Jews found refuge in the Ottoman Empire in history when they were being killed. Many Jews ran to Turkey where they were safe from Nazis during WWII. Turkey contributed by serving in Korean War, Kosovo, Bosnia, Somalia and Afghanistan as UN peacekeepers (US allies) Turkey also contributed by sending Navy ships to the coast of Somalia to help stop pirates. Turkey also sent Billions of $ (USD) to help rebuild Somalia. they could have helped starving Gazans if Israeli weren’t such A$$H013$ and blockade the city. and you want to compare who is a better ally to the US?

  4. Mr Michael Robin

    u have been running anti Kurdish compaign and depite Turkey’s bad records on human rights you been a great advocater of befriending with Turkey for years. but now that Turkey is no longer a friend of Israel, they sudenly became an evil..

    sir it is abiut time to mention why it is immoral to give Predators to Turkey and how Turkey will use it against civilians.. after all Predators donot differenciate between a PKK and a shepherd and kill both alike

  5. This amounts to a staggering portrait of perfidy on the part of Turkey, a nominal ‘ally’ of the US and an even more staggering depiction of the “disconnect” in US foreign policy under Obama who seems intent upon rewarding/propitiating America’s enemies – Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt – for increasingly bad, even outrageous, behavior, and punishing allies it finds inconvenient (viz. Canada and Israel).

  6. “So not only is Obama intent on providing classified technology to a country which threatens the use of force against American allies…”

    Presumably, you mean Israel. However, Israel is not an ally of the United States. According to Merriam-Webster, an ally is “a sovereign or state associated with another by treaty or league.”

    The US has no defense pacts with Israel (as it does with Turkey through NATO). That’s because Israel wants the aid, one way benefits of the FTA and MOA’s, but doesn’t feel it has to return anything for all the tribute. Why should it when the lobby is running policy?

  7. Are you kidding me. Obama is the dumbest, f#%$!!?:”#$%!! idiot and we must not relect him. He is by far the worst pres the U.S. has ever had. They attacked Isreal and also don’t get along with Isreal and we are gonna give them anything? God forgive us for electing obama the first time. obama is on his own if he goes aginst isreal in any way. God help us…

  8. The author obviously looks at Turkey through a zionist lens. Israel-firsters like Rubin have hurt America enough. It is time to ban AIPAC and dual citizenship (dual loyalties)

  9. I see the anti-Semetic appeasers are at it again. Murder? Nano-sized states? It’s clear the islamists have finally taken over I’m Turkey.

  10. Isn’t it clear to all with a name like “Rubin” why the hate against an American ally like Turkey. The NATO ally Turkey has been supporting American interest in the region and beyond for as long as I can remember. Turkey is playing hard ball with Israel, for the simple fact that Israel does not want to foster peace in the region.

    Turkey now sees hat there is a huge opportunistic benefits that can arise in the region to further democratic standing of Arab countries, improve peace and economic standing. However they know that Israel stands in the way of much of what can be gained if they continue to isolate the Palestine’s and continued tension with its neighbors. Turkey a Muslim country has always supported Israels right to exist, was one of the first countries to recognize the state of Israel.

    Throughout history, the Turkish people have always helped save and supported the Jewish people against tyranny, including the time of the Spanish inquisition, and the Nazi’s. The Turkish government, like the rest of the world knows that the current right-wing government in Israel lead by Bibi Netanyahu does not want peace.

  11. The US should see what a close relations including Hi-tech weapons for Turkey could do. Just look at what they have done to Israel. Turkey is an ungrateful country that is liable to transfer these weapons to China, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Hamas, Hezbollah, all are in a security agreement with Turkey.,
    Turkey is not a friend of the US. Turkey considers the US as its most dangerous enemy.

  12. it is time to begin the boycott of turkish products, once their economy contracts they won’t suffer with such hubris, and alex if that is your name, no turkey is not the perfect state

    • No we should start boycott israeli products, once their economy contracts the they wont suffer with such hubris and begin to listen to the US government, starting with stopping building illegal settlements in the West-bank, and louis if that is your name, no israel is not the perfect state nor are best ally. Its a parasite on the back of the Unites States…

  13. dude, this is such cheeseball drama.

    you and i both very well know that turkey is still israel’s only ally in the region.

    you and i also both know very well that despite all the postering, turkey and israel still will be all gladhands all over each other in real issues such as trade and guns.

    you and i also both know very well that israel is doing to palestinians what hitler did to jews. the psychology is all messed up there but it doesn’t change the facts. humanitarian crimes on a daily basis… but that’s of course not polite dinner conversation so we’ll move over that swiftly…

    you and i also both know very well that we have deployed a missile shield in the middle of turkey so that when you start invading iran for its oil, israel will be safe from the missiles.

    so we put our butt out there to save israel’s butt.

    that’s why we’ll get the predators. it’s a good dog reward to us for covering israel’s ass in your next war for oil and i would be thankful if i were you rather than stirring up the goon squad here.


    relax your goons as well. it’s all good. you will go and get iran’s oil and we will shield israel from the missiles when the time comes.

    did i say relax?

  14. Hey Rubin,
    Are you advocate of Israel?
    Then why Turkey places radar of US in Malatya?
    US is not big israel, neither israel is not small America.
    Stop seeing America like Israel.

  15. Israel attacked a civilian ship in international waters.In fact that was cold blooded murder. (they killed US citizen) If you check autopsy reports who died in that ship you can clearly see that.(8 shots from one meter) Like they did before(USS Liberty).
    Turkey is our good old friend.They helped us all the time.(Afghanistan,Korea,Somalia,Bosnia etc.)
    BTW what israel want? (our taxes for their selfish ideas)

  16. Turkey will use F-35s and Drones against Israel? I think that is the stupidest things I have ever heard and it is a shame that it is coming from someone who calls himself an intellectual. The weird thing is and Rubin never touches upon this in his blog entry that Turkey already has Israel-made Heron UAVs (Machatz-1) in use so it is OK if Israel sells this tech to Turkey but it is not OK if US sells it? The concern of Rubin is that Turkey might leak the tech to third parties: so I am asking is there any occasion in its history of 80+ years, that Turkey shared American tech with unauthorized parties? Turks don’t even have the source codes and software of high tech vehicles they get from US, so the talk of leaking something you don’t truly have is beyond nonsense. You may be disturbed by the new Turkish activism in the region in the last decade but please at least put up a decent argument with solid facts when you try to criticize something.

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