Daniels: ‘We’re Facing a Survival-level Threat to the America We’ve Known’

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (R) said at AEI today that “we’re facing a survival-level threat to the America we’ve known” from spiraling debt, diminished optimism, and a turning away from self-sufficiency.

Daniels was promoting his new book, Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans, which he said is not autobiographical, or a “candidate’s book” (“This one’s written specifically because I don’t [want to run],” he said), or a manifesto that just preaches without offering solutions.

Instead, he characterized it as “a few reflections on the most important national conversation that we’ve had in a long time.”

And while not thinking “the world needed another tome on the debt,” the governor cautioned that the deficit being amassed threatens “something even larger than our standard of living.”

“Even in bad times, tomorrow will be better,” Daniels said of characteristic American optimism. “If that’s fraying at the edges, that’s something to really worry about.”

He also warned that the “whole principle of self-governance as we know it in this country is on trial” as government doesn’t give Americans due credit for choosing life necessities from healthcare to schooling to light bulbs.

“I would gamble on the capacity of the American people,” Daniels said.

The governor referenced the founders’ early concerns about keeping the new republic intact in noting that slips could still lead to failure. “This is not a philosophical judgment; this is not an ideological point,” he said. “Let’s have the ideological debate some other time.”

He said the country is on track to “permanently stunt the economy … we are not distinguishable from Greece, Italy, Portugal, except by degree.” This hurts America’s international standing in that “nobody follows a pauper,” he added.

Daniels took a shot at President Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, “Change you can believe in,” by noting that government needs to promote “Change that believes in you.”

“You want to see pain? Just keep going where we’re going,” he said. “The only operating philosophy that makes any sense in this life is optimism.”

The governor isn’t, however, optimistic about Obama’s chances in 2012.

“The president’s got trouble getting re-elected,” Daniels said. “I have never seen good news coming in this economy, not in a year and a half. Now I think it’s pretty clear that there’s a good chance he’ll be running under really adverse economic conditions.”

This doesn’t mean that the GOP nominee can simply run as the “default option” and play it safe in going after Obama, he stressed.

“Let’s lay it out there,” Daniels said.

When asked about Governor Chris Christie’s (R-New Jersey) style of laying it all out there, Daniels quipped, “Gotta have a special style if you live in Tony Soprano’s state.”

2 thoughts on “Daniels: ‘We’re Facing a Survival-level Threat to the America We’ve Known’

  1. We obviously have a broken Government. We are going Bankrupt. Every American knows that you can’t borrow as much as you make, year after year, and not go bankrupt.

    I am a small business owner and, as you do, see the Broken Government as something that needs to be fixed. To fix a Broken Government we must first see the problem clearly. Then the solutions become obvious.

    We basically have two major problems that need to be fixed. They are:

    1) Good Ol Boy Politics is the Borrowing and Funneling of Massive Amounts of our Tax Dollars and Borrowed Dollars to Campaign Donors to repay them for their Campaign Contributions. This does not create jobs or stimulate the economy. Instead it makes the Rich Richer and the Poor Poorer. Good Ol Boy Borrowing and Spending is Bankrupting America.

    2) The office of the Presidency is being abused by Politicians because it no longer has checks and balances. Congress has not passed a Budget since 2008. Without a Budget, all spending, borrowing and repayment of National Debt is in the control of the POTUS (Pres of the US). The Office of POTUS has become too big and too powerful. One man controls everything:
    One man controls all spending of almost 4 Trillion dollars per year
    One man controls all borrowing and repayment of 16 Trillion dollars
    One man dictates the military, as commander and chief, of the largest military budget the world has ever known.
    One man has 3,000,000 civilian employees and 2,000,000 military employees to manage.
    One man can fire any cabinet member if they fail to do as he dictates. Cabinet members control all Federal Spending and Borrowing. Their duties are set up by Congress. They are appointed by the POTUS, fired by the POTUS, but must be approved by Congress.
    One man can declare war, skirmishes, fund the overthrow of another government, or bankrupt this country on a whim. Last week Obama announced at the UN that he plans to overthrow Iran and Syria next.
    One man can crash the world stock markets and send the world economies into a tailspin simply by suggesting he will default on the American Debt of 16 Trillion Dollars. This happened during the August 2, 2011 Government Shutdown.
    One man can cause 16% unemployment just by telling the world he is willing to Borrow and Spend to the point of Bankrupting America.
    If you have any doubts about these statements or claims I will be glad to give you the statistics and prove the problems. Or you can go to my website to see the sources at I have documented every source. Every source is a government website. They were provided by my congressman.

    As for solutions, they usually become clear in Small Businesses when you can clearly identify the problem.

    SOLUTIONS to Good Ol Boy Borrowing and Spending:

    1) Limit every candidate and every party to a maximum spending of $200,000 in campaign contributions for any one Candidate in any one Election. Limit the size of each contribution to no more than $1,000 total from any one business or person.
    2) Balance the Budget so that we can’t keep borrowing. As I see it, there are 2 ways to balance the budget:
    The preferable method is to change the budget system entirely and have congress set up a budget Tied to Tax Revenues. Tax Revenues are the Government’s Income. This is just like we would do in any Small Business. This is easily done by specifying PERCENTAGES OF THE PREVIOUS MONTH’S TAX REVENUES, INSTEAD OF AMOUNTS. Congress would vote on a budget each year, but it would be a Percentage of the previous Month’s Federal Tax Revenues for Each Cabinet Member, not to exceed 100%. Today congress tries to jockey over which Campaign Contributor gets how much for a whole year ahead, irregardless the Tax Revenues or Changes in the Economy. This New Percentages Method for each Cabinet Member is a painless way to approach balancing the budget. Look at the percentages for each cabinet member this year and you can set the Percentages of Tax Revenues for next year.
    You can also look at the budgets and balance one easily. I give the links to the Government Budgets from 1962 to present at:

    Solutions to Redefining the Office of the Presidency:

    The solution is simple. It is actually fully worked out by Congress already. All you need to do is to change the Cabinet Positions from Appointed Positions into being Elected Positions voted on by the people.

    Break up the incredible power of the Presidency by electing the Cabinet Positions as 2 year Elected Positions instead of POTUS appointments. No person could serve more than 3 of the “2 year Cabinet Terms.” No person could serve more than 12 years total in combined Elected Government Positions. The POTUS should remain Chairman and Speaker and conduct all cabinet meetings. The POTUS will set the agendas and have an equal vote to the other cabinet members. The overthrow of another government would require a unanimous vote of the entire cabinet. Minor decisions like moving some funds from the Military to FEMA would require a 2/3 vote of the cabinet.

    The Budget for Each Elected Cabinet Member will be set by Congress each year as a Percentage of the Previous Month’s Tax Revenues. If a Cabinet Member goes over budget or mismanages federal funds, it is an impeachable offence. There should be no immunity to criminal charges. The Elected Cabinet Officials should be held to the same laws and punishments for mismanagement of funds as the people that elected them.

    Solutions to Politicians Ignoring the Constitution:

    Demand that the Government require 100 hours of Government Approved Classes before any Candidate is allowed to run for a Federal Office. This will force all politicians to be trained. Make every candidate learn basic accounting, basic constitutional law, basic Federal Law, basic Cabinet Organization, basic Cabinet Budgeting, an overview of all budgets. These courses should be provided free of charge to any American.

    This 100 hour education requirement should then be required annually for all elected officials. Not getting continuing education credits is an impeachable offence for any elected official.

    Solutions to trying to borrow our way out of a Recession:

    Contrary to Government Rhetoric, recessions are good for America.

    Most Small Business Owners know this and are flexible and simply tighten their belts when things slow down. Recessions are not the end of the world, or a disease the Government must cure. They are not an excuse to increase more Good Ol Boy Borrowing and Funneling of Tax Revenues to Campaign Contributors as we have seen the last 4 years. The numbers do not lie.

    Recessions are America’s HEALTHY WAY TO DEFLATE BUBBLES SLOWLY. We have seen the “banking bubble,” the “housing bubble’ and the “stock market bubble” all burst recently. A bubble is exponential growth that can’t be sustained. All bubbles must burst, especially if the Government keeps artificially inflating them.

    So deflating the bubble painlessly, with a recession, is much preferred to the Giant Government Created Bubbles bursting all at once. The government creates the Giant Bubbles when they try to PREVENT AND CURE A NORMAL HEALTHY RECESSION.

    After the bubble bursts, the Government compounds things and makes a second mistake. It tries to stabilize the bursting bubble by Borrowing $Trillions and funneling the money to Campaign Donors. They call it Bailouts, Stimulus Packages and Job Packages. But no jobs are created. No recession is averted or cured. The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer. Finally America goes Bankrupt, trying to cure an economy that was not sick in the first place.

    Solutions to Creating Jobs:

    Small Businesses create 90% of all jobs. Jobs are not created by the Federal Government or by Campaign Donors.

    Actually, jobs are killed by the Federal Government with Good Ol Boy Spending by both parties. For example WE LOST 16% OF ALL AMERICAN JOBS in the first two quarters of Obama’s Presidency. He borrowed an unprecedented $1.5 Trillion in our names to stimulate the economy in 2009. He funneled it to his Campaign Contributors, and killed 16% of all American Jobs. In 2008 the Tax Revenues were $2.5 Trillion while Obama’s 2009 Tax Revenues were $2.1 Trillion. This means 16% less Americans were employed in 2009 than 2008. The Tax Revenues stayed at $2.1 Trillion for 2009, 2010, 2011, and estimated to be the same in 2012. So no jobs have been created after Obama borrowed and spent $6.1 Trillion dollars in our names and funneled it to Campaign Contributors and large companies who employed very few in comparison to the American Small Businesses.

    Every Small Business Owner knows why jobs decreased. It was because the election of Obama scared the hell out of American Small Businesses, which are the people who do the hiring. In 2009 Obama borrowed and Unprecedented $1.5 Trillion in our names. Go to to see all borrowing by presidents over the last 20 years. On the day Obama was elected, every small business owner knew America would go Bankrupt as a Country because Obama was elected on the Platform of Spending Twice as Much as We Earn in Tax Revenues.

    Small Businesses depend on a balanced budget to survive and we know what happens when a business owner goes on a massive, careless, borrowing and spending spree. The outcome is always the same. The business goes bankrupt. Obama scared the hell out small business owners, because we knew this MEANT BANKRUPTCY FOR AMERICA. So we Small Businesses tightened our belts and did not rehire. America lost 16% of all American jobs in Obama’s first year. I employ 1/2 the employees as I had before Obama was elected.

    This killed jobs because the money went to his large campaign donors and never made it back to the Tax Payers to spend in the small businesses. In 2010 the POTUS borrowed $1.3 Trillion to stimulate the economy. He made the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Obama did not create a single job because the Tax Revenues did not increase and neither did the GDP. In 2011 the POTUS borrowed another $1.65 Trillion in our names to stimulate the economy and did not create a single job because our Tax Revenues did not increase.

    In 2012 the POTUS wants to borrow more than $1.65 Trillion. The Congressional Budget Office has warned that borrowing $1.65 Trillion in 2012 will not create jobs.

    In 2012 the current POTUS plans to set all historical Records in fundraising. He plans to collect $1,000,000,000 in campaign contributions. Historically each Good Ol Boy Campaign Contribution of $1 is paid back to the Campaign Contributor with $10,000 in Tax Payer’s money. The money stays in the hands of the contributor. The money never makes it to creating new jobs, stimulating the economy or walking in the door of Small Businesses.

    The solution to creating jobs is a balanced budget, not more Good Ol Boy Spending. This unprecedented Good Ol Boy Spending has scared the hell out of all American Small Businesses. Small Businesses are the sentinels and they feel the loss of money in the GDP long before even the government knows what is happening. I know because I have operated a small business for almost 30 years.

    Small Businesses see this POTUS as hell-bent on bankrupting America. The POTUS, funnels $Trillions into the hands of their big business campaign donors to horde. This is preventing $Trillions from getting to Tax Paying Customers that walk in the door at the small businesses. It was the same story with FDR. He extended the First Great Depression by 13 years with his borrowing and NEW DEAL program. He paid farmers to kill 6,000,000 piglets to raise the price of pork. He paid farmers to plow under 10,000,000 acres of cotton to raise the price of cotton. The farmers killed the piglets, plowed under the cotton, then laid off their farm hands. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer and Americans lost their jobs.

    Many Americans are getting apathetic and say all politicians are the same.

    This Good Ol Boy spending takes money out of the GDP circulation. The GDP stays the same. The $Trillions never make it back to the American worker. The worker never walks in the door of small businesses to buy something. Small businesses are called sentinels because they are just like the canary in a cage in WWII to let the soldiers know there was nerve gas present. Small businesses are being punished with the Good Ol Boy Spending to Campaign Donors and no new jobs are being created by the small businesses.

    Solutions to Imports:

    Educate the people about the GDP and that every dollar sent on a slow boat to China will be permanently taken out of the GDP circulation so the GDP will go down. A full 10% of our GDP goes out of the country for imports each year. This is simply another “Import Bubble” that can’t continue. Teach the American People to realize what they are doing.

    Educate the American people that imports are cheaper than American made products because the average Chinese worker makes 1/8 what an American worker is paid doing the exact same job. As long as America has a love affair with WalMart, and buys cheap Chinese imports, and cheap Chinese cell phones, and cheap Chinese computers, we will keep losing jobs to China. Teach the public to stop buying imports if they want to keep their jobs.

    Solutions to Insane Politicians Destroying America:

    Demand that every candidate present a government certified Public Psych Evaluation to run for any federal elected office.

    “Good Ol Boy Politicians” are described perfectly as a mental illness in psychiatry. It is called Antisocial Personality Disorder. So require a Psych Eval for every candidate on the grounds that no one wants the most powerful positions the world has ever created, in the hands of someone who is mentally unstable or incompetent. The required Psych evaluations can be faked, but required evaluations will discourage some of the people with Antisocial Personality Disorder from seeking office. Public Psych Evaluations will also raise public awareness of the question of sanity for every public official who holds this much power.

    Solutions to the National Debt:

    Create a new elected Cabinet Position who’s sole job is to pay down the Debt.

    The Social Security Fund, the Medicare Fund, the Military Retirement Fund and the Government Civilian Retirement Fund were emptied by the Good Ol Boy politicians and funneled to their Campaign Contributors. Any attempt to fix Social Security without repaying what the Government owes Social Security is just plain wrong.

    We need a balanced budget NOW. The current POTUS is hoping that he can HOOK Americans on the spending. This is to make Americans afraid to try to balance the budget NOW. The current POTUS plan is to terrify Americans when Americans think of a balanced budget. Do not let the POTUS terrify Americans. Don’t let the POTUS scare seniors with losing Social Security or Medicare that the Government has already spent.

    If you want to ensure that Social Security and Medicare survive, pay back what was taken out of the funds and pass a law where the POTUS can’t touch the funds again for other purposes. If you want our Government Military Pensions to survive, pay them back. If you want Government Civilian Pensions to survive, first you must pay them back. If you want a strong Military, make them stop the Good Ol Boy Defense Contracts, stop the wastes, and tighten their belts.

    Fix the system. Currently most government agencies have a policy to spend every penny because they might not get more the next year. Demand that every Elected Cabinet member to hold 5% in reserve, each year, for the next normal recession instead of spending every penny to ask for more.

    Solutions to Other Groups trying to Infiltrate the Administration and Bankrupt America:

    No one should be eligible to hold any Administration Position, if they are, or were, affiliated with:
    Any group that supports violent extremism
    Any group that supports the overthrow through Financial Means like Bankrupting America.
    Bankrupting America was the purpose behind flying jets into the World Trade Center. Don’t be blind, extremists and lobbyists are similar in their goal to Bankrupt America.

    Solutions to Tax Increases:

    Know the numbers and realize that a Tax Increase on the Rich will do nothing to offset the deficit.

    The truth is; To break even in 2011 we will need to almost double every American’s Taxes. In 2011, we took in $2.1 Trillion in Tax Revenues but we borrowed $1.65 Trillion in the deficit. The math is simple: $1.65T / $2.1 T is 78% or almost double the 2011 Tax Revenues.

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