The Partisan Bipartisan Debt Deal Explainer and Veto Threat Via Faux Post-It

The White House just released an infographic explaining, in three steps, “the bipartisan compromise” that was reached just in time to avoid default and to let lawmakers enjoy their summer vacations. But the primer is less about being Debt Deal for Dummies and more about setting the stage for Act Two of President Obama’s deficit agenda push—wrangling that will push right onto the campaign trail. Hence, the partisan overtones. The increase was needed, the infographic first explains, to pay for “two wars, Bush tax cuts, investments in education.” The $1 trillion in spending cuts is annotated with the faux sticky note “Protects Pell Grants.” Next, the bipartisan committee is explained via little elephants and donkeys, noting that the deficit reduction recommendations of the six Dems and GOPs must be voted on by Dec. 23. If voted down, the infographic explains, automatic cuts to defense, entitlement programs, and more will be triggered.

And if you thought Obama’s autopen was cool, here’s the veto threat via faux Post-It:

Believe it or not, that’s the last mention of the Bush tax cuts—on this short infographic, at least. The White House posted the infographic in the context of a blog post that sought to further offer their side of the story about the pea-encrusted sugar-coated Satan Sandwich: “Myth: President Obama caved.” “Myth: Republicans got everything they wanted.” “Fact: The joint committee system puts pressure on Republicans to seek compromise.” Biparti-what?

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