Support the Boehner Plan

All conservatives, especially those concerned with American national security, should support the Boehner Plan.

That plan, as House Speaker John Boehner himself understands, is far from perfect. But there is no reasonable prospect, given the current political balance of power in Washington, to get anything better on the debt ceiling issue. We cannot know exactly how financial markets will react to the various scenarios that might play out over the next several days, but the potential cost of finding out what the defeat of the Boehner Plan would be is not worth the risk.

If America’s prospects for economic recovery are gravely impaired, if President Obama is able to turn the inevitable turmoil to his political advantage and achieve re-election, and if we face four more years of his debilitating economic and national security policies, the safety and security of America in the world may be damaged irreparably.

In politics as in battle, conservatives should remember Carl von Clausewitz’s sage advice to be satisfied with identifying and achieving “the culminating point of victory.” That does not mean total victory, but rather the maximum that can be achieved in any particular engagement. We should not stop short, but neither should we risk what we have achieved by proceeding dangerously beyond that culminating point.

There are many more battles to be fought to rescue our economy and preserve our national defenses. But on this present issue, we have reached the culminating point of victory. Let’s not throw it away.

5 thoughts on “Support the Boehner Plan

  1. I agree with Mr. Bolton.

    As a Tea Party guy, it is my instinct to hold out for more in the current debate. However, I am ready to take this small victory, which will enable us to solve the real problem when we have the White House and more seats in Congress.

    That said, if we fail to solve the real problem of government profligate spending and overreach when we do have more power, then this country deserves every bit if default, economic and political catastrophe that ensues.

  2. Controlling government spending is a long-term challenge that will play out over the next several years. Republicans thus far have controlled the debate and made the discussion mainly about what/how to cut. They should take this early acheivement, make the best deal they can, and set the stage for the medium to long-term. Support the Boehner plan, absolutely. To get nothing, while entertaining the fantasy of total victory today would be complete stupidity.

  3. I can’t believe what I am reading tonight. Krauthammer, Sowell, and now Bolton himself, who should know better, preaching to us dullards the merits of the Boehner plan. I don’t support the Tea Party so that they can roll over on the first test of the ideology. What they are all suggesting is that we turn our backs on 2010 and rejoin the corrupt and big government ranks of conventional Republicans. These are negotiations, people. And the Tea Party holds a strong hand. There are more concessions to be had. Don’t be so blindsided by fake “default” dates. That is all a shell game, for fools, and apparently there are a lot of them.

    Just my two cents. I am giving Bachmann a few extra bucks this month. Woman of the Year!

  4. I respect Bolton and support this position as a Tea Party advocate. Remember that the Continental Army did not attempt to win the Revolution in the first battle. Washington waited until his forces strengthened and even endured a terrible winter in Valley Forge to train and equip his troops for the battles to come. Let’s be intelligent and take small wins while we continue to pursue victory over those that would weaken our hard won democracy!

  5. The following will get America back on the right track and that is removal of Obama as President, removal of all of his executive orders, removal of all of his appointed czars and illegal regulations, removal of any Congressman who voted in favor of Obamacare and removal of all of the liberal activist judges across America who refuse to uphold the Constitution including Ruth Bader Ginsberg who recently told a foreign nation not to institute a Constitution like that of the United States Constitution. Especially removal of the first executive order that Obama signed his first day in office that keeps all of his personal information inaccessible. Once someone can prove who Obama really is, then everything can be undone like he never existed. No, Obama isn’t going to do anything about Syria or the U.S. government out-of-control spending because his agenda is all about destroying America and grabbing power in America in any way possible by rewarding his friends and holding big corporations hostage so he can receive millions of dollars in kickbacks from all of them. Obama is not good for America and getting rid of him would be a start! I urge everyone to read on a daily basis.

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