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Gaddafi Returning to Terror?

Last week, Gary Schmitt posted a disturbing report that Libyan government arms might be flowing to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). He noted that, while to date the worry has been that elements of al Qaeda were infiltrating the ranks of the Libyan rebel forces, “if the above intelligence is correct, the greater worry may be a Gaddafi willing to strike back at the United States and its NATO allies by supplying weapons to terrorists.”

Well no sooner had Gary posted his concerns, than Gaddafi issued exactly such a threat. While many Americans were at the beach enjoying the Independence Day long weekend, the Washington Post reported on Saturday:

Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi on Friday threatened to attack Europe if NATO continued bombing his country.

In a recorded message broadcast to a large crowd gathered in Tripoli’s central square, Gaddafi said that Libyans would “target your homes, offices, families, which would become legitimate targets.”

“These people are able to one day take this battle to Europe,” he said as the crowd shouted slogans against the West.

This no idle threat, coming from the man who blew up Pan Am 103 over Scotland, killing 270 people; destroyed a French passenger jet over Niger, killing 171 people; bombed the La Belle discotheque in West Berlin, killing two U.S. soldiers and injuring more than 50 American servicemen; established terrorist training camps on Libyan soil; provided terrorists with arms and safe haven; and plotted to kill leaders in Saudi Arabia, Chad, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, and Zaire. Until Osama bin Laden came along, no one had killed more Americans in terrorist attacks than Gaddafi. And, as I pointed out in the Washington Post earlier this year, if Gaddafi survives there is a real danger that he could return to his terrorist ways.

Of course, Gaddafi could not carry out such threats if he were removed from power. But removing Gaddafi is not a military objective of the European-led NATO air campaign. By leaving him in power, we take on a growing risk that Gaddafi will emerge from this conflict angry, emboldened, and seeking revenge. Which means the consequence of the Obama administration’s “lead from behind” approach to Libya could well be another terrorist attack on the West.

9 thoughts on “Gaddafi Returning to Terror?

  1. The Colonel nor anyone in Libya carried out the bombing of Pan Am 103, but elements o the JSO/ESO (Libyan security services) were convicted in a French court , in absentia , of the bombing of UT772 on which 170 peopl died including 7 US citizens.

    So who carried out Pan Am 103? Step forward the US and Iranian governments jointly, to given Iran its one and only one reenge for the deliberate destruction of IR655, the Iranian Airbus.

    Next question?

  2. NATO is arming Al Qaeda. NATO is giving Al Qaeda gun, funds, amnesty and sovereignty!!!!!

    Gaddafi put out the first arrest warrant against Osama Bin Laden in the 90s. That is why the rebels hate Gaddafi!!!!

    What crimes did Gaddafi’s grandchildren commit again??????

  3. Pale Horse lied: NATO is arming Al Qaeda the legitimately recognized authority in Libya.


    Don’t be naive. Kaddafi lied about his (alleged) opposition to al-Qaeda. He is now busy arming al-Qaeda.

    Try harder to avoid using your head for a public colonoscopy while crabwalking across the blog stage expecting folks to admire your new Kaddafi-kuddler cap.

  4. This man, Marc Thiessen, is either a bloviating imbecile or just plain liar – take your pick. The so-called “Al Qaida” – if such an organization were to exist – is the rebels, pure and simple. Look at the headline “Gaddafi Returning to Terror.” Mr. Thiessen, what is “terror?” What are the results of terror? Is it blowing up buildings? Blowing up bridges? Blowing up people? What has tomahawk missiles been doing? Is that not terror? Or do the definition change depending upon who delivers the terror? That is the vocabulary of a hypocrite and a liar.

    • Tough choice, Rastin: Qaeda-denial and terrorism-denial all in one question-riddled rant? I pick, C: Psychological Projection.

      Cluebat to Rastin: Assisting the legitimately recognized Libyan authorities in liberating their country from Kaddafi (and his mercinary rape gangs) is not “terror”– it’s mercy.

      Don’t be a Kaddafi-kuddling tool your whole life, Rastin.

  5. The U.S. Government armed the ORIGINAL al Qaeda in Afghanistan in a chess match against the USSR and now the U.S. Government is arming al Qaeda in Libya against the Libyan government.

    Our government and NATO obviously did not give a damn about the 1 Million+ civilian deaths and 3 Million wounded civilians during this proxy war against the USSR.

    In the light of factual history, who are the real terrorists?

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