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An Interview with AEI President Arthur Brooks

Stuart James and I sit down with the president of AEI, Arthur Brooks, in the latest episode of AEI’s podcast, Banter. In Part 1 of our interview, we discuss AEI’s mission statement, free enterprise culture, what book everyone needs to read, why libertarians just can’t get a break at the box office, and much more. Ideas zig and zag around this episode faster than you can say American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. Part 1 can be found on iTunes here; you can listen to it on the Web here.

In part 2 of our talk, we discuss some more Hayek and some of the fabulous work by AEI scholars Kevin Hassett, Andrew Biggs, and Nick Eberstadt. We also talk about China’s “one-child policy” and the best way for a country to get itself out of a financial crisis. Part 2 can be found on iTunes here and you listen to it on the Web here.


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