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The Disgrace of America’s Syria ‘Policy’

Last week, President Obama said “President Assad now has a choice:  He can lead that transition, or get out of the way.” Syria also rated a passing mention at the president’s presser with British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday. Getting Assad out of the way doesn’t appear much of a priority for the president, however, as we have not so much as withdrawn our ambassador, let alone begun to ratchet up the kind of serious pressure that would force the Assad from power.

Think about how little we have done (some sanctions), about how key Syria is to the nexus of terror and of Iranian force projection, and then read this. Here’s a teaser:

When they told him to take down his pants, I could see his swollen genitals, tied tight with a plastic cable. ‘I have nothing to tell, but I am neither a traitor and activist. I am just a trader,’ said the man, who said he was from Idlib province in the north west of Syria. To my horror, a masked man took a pair of wires from a household power socket and gave him electric shocks to the head.

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