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Obama: Bin Laden Dead, Pakistan Cooperation Helped

Nearly ten years after the 9/11 terror attacks, President Obama announced late last night that al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been killed—and quickly buried at sea—in a firefight with U.S. forces in a posh hideout in Pakistan. Said Obama:

His death does not mark the end of our effort.  There’s no doubt that al Qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us.  We must—and we will—remain vigilant at home and abroad.

As we do, we must also reaffirm that the United States is not—and never will be—at war with Islam.  I’ve made clear, just as President Bush did shortly after 9/11, that our war is not against Islam. Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader; he was a mass murderer of Muslims. Indeed, al Qaeda has slaughtered scores of Muslims in many countries, including our own.  So his demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity.

Over the years, I’ve repeatedly made clear that we would take action within Pakistan if we knew where bin Laden was. That is what we’ve done. But it’s important to note that our counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan helped lead us to bin Laden and the compound where he was hiding.  Indeed, bin Laden had declared war against Pakistan as well, and ordered attacks against the Pakistani people. …

Read the president’s entire statement here.

Stay tuned to and The Enterprise Blog this morning for reaction on bin Laden’s death from our scholars.

One thought on “Obama: Bin Laden Dead, Pakistan Cooperation Helped

  1. C’mon! This is diplo-speak for the fact that they allowed some of our limited operatives there. But they weren’t cooperating. Why do you think we ended our cooperation with the ISI? Pakistan is a major problem, and we need to end our foreign aid immediately.

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