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Daniels on Education: Accountability, Flexibility, Choice Are Crucial

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (U.S. Department of Education)

The 2012 buzzards are circling over a number of potential candidates in light of a GOP field that’s currently failing to impress either side of the aisle. Looking past the “been there, done that” candidates, many are anxiously watching to see which fresh names may be up for the political version of the Boston Marathon. And that gaze is clearly turned toward the Republican governor who famously declared last year that a “truce” on social issues would be needed to turn due attention to the economic crisis.

Indiana’s Governor Mitch Daniels said he would announce his presidential intentions after his state’s legislative session closed on Friday. Since then, no word, but speculation aplenty. Daniels, who was budget director for the first part of the George W. Bush administration, said Tuesday that he has chatted with his former boss about a potential run for the Oval Office. “Would I like to? No,” Daniels said when asked on Fox whether he’d like to run. “What sane person would like to?” But still, no announcement.

Daniels comes to AEI tomorrow to talk education reform—specifically, his scorecard for the 2011 legislative session. As the Weekly Standard notes, Daniels aims to take the initiatives beyond even that accomplished in Florida by Jeb Bush (vouchers, greater accountability, merit pay). Here are some of the details in the reform he won this session:

— No student may be taught by a teacher who has been rated ineffective two years straight without parent approval.

— Schools may pursue action against parents whose children are habitually absent and will now be required to report the children to juvenile court or the Department of Child Services.

— Creates new statewide body that can issue charters.

— Expands the current tuition tax credit to provide more students scholarships to attend private schools.

— Authorizes the state to convert a persistently failing school into a Turnaround Academy.

Watch the livestream of Daniels’s address beginning tomorrow at 12:30 p.m.

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