Foreign and Defense Policy

Pakistan Doubles Its Nuclear Arsenal

This morning, the Washington Post reported that Pakistan has doubled its nuclear arsenal over the last four years. What was once a stockpile of approximately 30-60 weapons has ballooned to more than 100 weapons today, surpassing that of its neighbor and rival India. During these same four years, America has been on its knees to Pakistan, offering endless amounts of aid and moral support for the country’s semi-effective fight against homegrown terrorism.

While we acquiesced, the Pakistani military, led by chief antagonist General Ashfaq Kayani, kept its paranoid eyes on India and took a selective approach to anti-terrorism, fighting the terrorists that hurt Pakistan and supporting or simply ignoring the ones plotting against India. All the while, the Pakistani people have continued to suffer from dismal governance and economic immiseration.

What is most amazing about Pakistan’s state of crisis is the brazenness with which its military establishment operates. Each time America pushes for more oversight or pressure on its aid to Pakistan, the establishment responds with the helpless cry of “the terrorists hurt us as much as they hurt you.”

Yes, because nuclear weapons are a wonderfully efficient way of getting rid of terrorists at home.

Today, we see once again how General Kayani and his acolytes have continually fooled America and ignored the needs of the Pakistani people in order to satisfy their visceral anti-Indian and anti-Western biases. If precedence is any sign of what to expect next, America will stand by and continue to sit on its hands.

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