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Iran’s Parliament Seeking to Restrain Ahmadinejad

mahmoudOn Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Iran’s conservative-majority parliament was seeking to pressure and restrain Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. These types of tensions within Iran’s conservative elite have been evident throughout 2010. The divisions within the regime’s ruling elite, however, have been confined to matters of Iran’s domestic policies and bureaucratic competition. The key issues that matter to Americans—Iran’s developing nuclear program and its support for terrorism—have not been subject to open debate among the regime’s leadership. Rather, these issues continue to provide a common rallying point for senior Iranian officials and figures: ideological opposition to the United States and Western interests. See the Critical Threats Project’s IranTracker for more on this topic.

Maseh Zarif is a research manager for the Critical Threats Project at AEI.

Image by Jose Cruz.

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