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India’s Strategic Culture: ‘Software’ That Can’t Be Outsourced

indiaNEW DELHI — Almost two weeks after the tumultuous meeting in Islamabad between the Indian foreign minister S.M. Krishna and his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi, a bad taste continues to linger in the mouths of many Indian foreign policy analysts. Since the meeting, every major Indian newspaper has published a column regretting India’s decision to engage Pakistan. The WikiLeaks episode, which included more evidence of the Pakistani intelligence services’ links to the Taliban, added fuel to this fire.

What was once exuberance about India’s prospects for rapprochement with its rival has now turned into regret and bitterness. The shift happened as soon as Krishna and Qureshi walked out of their meeting room in Islamabad and into a joint press conference, where they returned to their old ways of finger pointing and bickering.

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