U2 Ripe for Reform

Bill Easterly makes an appearance in From Poverty to Prosperity. Easterly has been waging a valiant fight against one of the dominant wrong beliefs of the foreign aid establishment, namely, that smart technocrats in the West can best tell developing countries’ leaders how to reform to ensure economic growth. So I enjoyed this table-turning thought experiment of his, in which leaders of developing countries tell U2′s Bono how he should reform his band.

An expert commission of African leaders today announced their plan for comprehensive reform of music band U2. Saying that U2’s rock had lost touch with its African roots, the commission called for urgent measures to halt U2’s slide towards impending crisis.

“Our youth today are imperiled by low quality music,” said Commission chairman Nelson Mandela. “We will be lending African musicians to U2 to try to refurbish their sound to satisfy the urgent and growing needs for diversionary entertainment at a time of crisis in the global music and financial sectors.”

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